H & M Western Group supply fresh seafood to international market since year 1992, as one of the leading Sashimi tuna supplier in the industry we process all our seafood according to international standard with HACCP approved fish processing factories in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Philippine. We have only selected high quality sustainable fresh tuna from the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, our team fights everyday to get the best quality and smooth service to cater our customer needs.


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The tuna supplied by H&M Western is either Yellow fin tuna (thunnus albacares) or Bigeye tuna (thunnus obesus) and its origins from Indian Ocean and specially from territory waters of Maldives and Sri Lanka. These species are not considered endangered in the Indian Ocean. Studies by the IOTC (Indian Ocean Tuna Commission) indicate that the stocks for both species are above a biomass level that would produce maximum sustainable yield in the long term and that current fishing mortality is below the maximum sustainable yield. In conclusion, stocks are healthy.

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