Our History

We have commenced operation in year 1992 with few long lines boats in Sri Lanka and with the diversification of the business H&M Western Pvt Ltd incorporated in year 2015 as 100% fresh seafood export arm in the group. We source seafood from a large network of artisan fishing boats 4500 vessels based in Sri Lanka using traditional hand line and long-line fishing methods that ensure sustainable and responsible fishing. We have gained expertise in the correct methods of faulty grading and sourcing, through many years of experience with Japanese customers whose main import is Sashimi.
In this venture all the local fishermen are taught the technique of long line fishing to catch Tuna. Most of the local vessels are using crushed ice and some of the vessels equipped with Refrigerator Sea Water Cooling systems (RSW) and have fish storage system that is able to contain sea water at 0-+4◦. This tuna is stored in a manner in order to preserve its freshness.
Once the tuna is caught at sea, it’s gilled and gutted and bought to the harbour in the fresh form. Our growing network of partnerships with the artisan fishing communities means that we enjoy a consistent supply of product that are of the highest standards. We are also in an enviable position of being able to secure high volumes of Tuna as we have own vessels operates in Maldives and also with the new company H&M Western Philippines we are in better position in terms of regular tuna supply to our customers.


Our Mission

To harvest seafood in a environmental friendly manner and provide high quality seafood through quality and excellent service levels which keep sustainable supply to our customers by investing in technology, infrastructure and personnel.